Why Yoga?

Why  yoga instead of other forms of sport or exercise or health practices?

Simply put, yoga is truly holistic!  Yoga invites us to  return wholeness. It puts us in the drivers seat – we learn to see ourselves in a new way and to work with ourselves with compassion and acceptance. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means: to yoke, to join!  Through the practices we slow down our pace, become more aware of our bodies, our breath and our minds – we join with ourselves! Yoga’s wisdom has stood the test of time – ancient practices passed through generations yet still every bit as valuable, practical, accessible and meaningful today.

We all start down our yoga path for our own personal reasons – some of us seeking relief from physical aches and pains, other seeking relief from mental aches and pains – or both! Whatever stirs inside you, motivates you to begin your practice, yoga supports you and nourishes you, leading you into new experiences, bringing a fresh view of yourself and the world.   It’s an invitation to delve deeper into your true self – to return to wholeness!

Yoga is:

  • a personal experience
  • finding balance
  • feeling comfortable in your own body
  • acceptance of what is
  • honoring yourself
  • builds confidence
  • finding your ground
  • exploring boundaries
  • becoming present and aware
  • meditative
  • spacious
  • breath awareness
  • showing up for yourself

Patanjali YogaSutras 1:2

“1:2  Yoga chittas vritti nirodaha……..Yoga is the stilling of the modifications of the mind, the uniting of consciousness in the heart.”

“1:3 Tadaa drashtuh svarupe vasthanam…….then the seer is established in his own essential and fundamental nature….united in the heart, consciousness is steadied, then we abide in our true nature – joy!”