SvaroopaⓇ Yoga

Svaroopa®  yoga is a healing, restorative style of yoga.

Svaroopa® yoga  works with your body/mind in a different way than other styles of yoga, exercise or therapies. Svaroopa® yoga works with what is – how you are right  now. You don’t have to already be the 3 F’s – fit, flexible, or fashionable! Svaroopa® yoga is meditative, gentle, supported, reliable and effective for releasing  tensions and compression in your body – fantastic!

How it works:

Alternate leg poseSvaroopa® yoga is a gentle but effective, supported style of yoga. In Svaroopa® yoga the goal is to reach into the deep muscles that surround the spine and release tensions held there. This releases the more external muscles – it’s like softening or massaging from the inside out! To accomplish this reliable release, Svaroopa®  yoga uses precise alignments, support (blocks and blankets) and gentle adjustments to ensure release instead of straining. Classes are relaxing – there are two Shavasana’s (resting pose) to teach the fine art of slowing down, improving sleep and focus. Each class includes breath work, poses and relaxation, resulting in a spacious sense of ease in both your body and your mind. As your muscles release you gain strength and flexibility, aches and pains disappear … you really  have to experience it for yourself!


  • Svaroopa®  yoga is gentle – even therapeutic, making it suitable for those recovering from or needing support for injuries or illness
  • Svaroopa® yoga is effective – things begin to change, unlock, flexibility and mobility improves, breath becomes fuller,easier, posture improves
  • aches and pains are alleviated
  • mind becomes more focused, clear and still
  • awareness increases
  • it’s reliable – proper alignment and support ensures  the target muscles deep in your body (along the spine) become decompressed
  • you begin to slow down your hectic pace, bringing a sense of  joy and peace, healing to your life
  • no previous yoga experience necessary
  • precise clear instructions make poses and alignments easy to follow – suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced yogi
  • small classes ensure you’re well supervised in your practice
  • Svaroopa’s®  yoga above average standard requirements for teachers ensuring your teacher is well trained, experienced,  and certified.