Summer Yoga

Summer classes  at the Heart of the Village Studio begin July 4 and run to Aug 24th. See Schedules and Classes for dates and times.

Morning and evening times available to suite your schedule!

Check out the Mini Workshop class Wednesdays at 10:00. This 2 hour class will move every joint in your  body – you’ll feel great all over!

Please register to reserve your space.

Monterey Center classes will be on Tuesdays at 1:00. See Schedule for details.

Looking forward to a fun and Yoga filled Summer!

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Magic 4 and More!

Learn The Magic 4 poses beginning this Saturday January 17, 10:30 – noon…. drop in, buy a pass or register.  You’ll find the problems you bring begin to disappear before your class ends! Your aches and pains are reduced, the pressures you face are less overwhelming and you get some bounce back in your step…. It all starts with deep relaxation and yogic breathing. Suitable for seasoned yogis or those new to the practice…. everyone welcome!



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